Festive Occasions Party Rentals Beverage Planning Guide

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Plan for about 2 cups of punch per person
Standard glass punch cups hold 6.5 ounces (may also be used for coffee)
Standard Punch Bowls hold 2.5 gallons (50 servings)
5 gallons of iced tea serves 80 people when using 16 oz. glasses with ice
One gallon = 128 ounces (approximately 16 servings per gallon)
One pound of coffee equals 4 and a half cups of ground coffee
To serve 30 cups of coffee, use 2 cups of ground coffee
To serve 50 cups of coffee, use 3 and one quarter cups of ground coffee
To serve 100 cups of coffee, use six and one half cups of ground coffee
It takes approximately half an hour to brew coffee in a 50 cup urn
It takes approximately one hour to brew coffee in a 100 cup urn

Alcoholic Beverages

We suggest one pound of ice per person, per hour for cocktails
Plan on 2 glasses and 2 beverage napkins per person per hour
Figure approximately one quart of liquor for every 25 drinks
Plan for approximately 2 drinks per person per hour
One keg of beer = 150 servings
Beer may be served in a pilsner, a mug, or a shell. It is appropriate to have glasses available even when serving beer in bottles or cans.
1 case (12 fifths) of champagne = 60 5 oz. servings
1 750ml bottle of wine or champagne = 5 5oz. servings
One gallon of wine = 25 5oz servings (fill glass 1/3 full)
Our Event Specialists can help you select appropriate glasses for white and blush wines, red wines, sparkling wines and champagnes.

How much space do I need for my party?
This is one of the questions we hear most often. Estimating how much space is needed for comfort and feasibility when entertaining large groups can be difficult. Here are some rules of thumb that might make it easier to figure.

Stand up cocktail party: Figure 5-6 Sq. ft. per person
Buffet dinner: Figure 7-8 Sq. ft. per person
Sit down dinner (served by waiters): If using 5' (60”) Round tables which seat 8, figure 12 Sq. ft. per person , If using 8' Banquet tables which seat 8, figure 10 Sq. ft. per person
Cathedral seating: Figure 5-6 Sq. ft. per person
(Rows of chairs with a center aisle):
Dance area: Figure 3-4 Sq. ft. per person
Band stand: Figure 10 Sq. ft. per person seated on bandstand
Piano (spinner) Figure 30 Sq. ft.
Piano (grand) Figure 100 Sq. ft.

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