Q: What do I need to do to reserve rental items?

A: In order to guarantee the reservation of rental equipment for a specific date, we require a non-refundable retainer fee equal to half of the total invoice amount.
Although we will gladly quote prices on the phone or prepare a written bid for your consideration, we must receive a retainer fee before we will prepare a rental contract for you and guarantee a reservation. You may pay this retainer fee in person or on the telephone with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you elect to use your credit card, the charge will go through immediately on the card. Your credit card number may not be used to "hold" an order.

Q: How soon should I place my order?
A: You may place your order as soon as you are ready to pay a retainer fee. Of course, all equipment is rented on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you guarantee your reservation, the better your chances that the rental items you want will be available. If you have an unanticipated need, or if you elect not to guarantee your reservation and prefer to check with us immediately before your event, we will make every effort to meet your needs. Although some items do require some advance preparation to make sure that they are ready for immediate use, we do keep many items on hand and ready to go.

Q: May I make changes to my order after I have paid my retainer fee?
A. Yes. You may add items to your order up until your event date, contingent on availability of the requested item, and your ending balance will be adjusted accordingly. You may delete items from your order at any time up to one week before your rental date. Please be aware that the retainer fee is non- refundable after your reservation has been guaranteed for 24 hours. (This is because as soon as you ask us to guarantee an order for you, we began to turn away other customers requesting these items.) If adjustments to your invoice cause the total due to be less than the retainer fee you have already paid, in-store credit will be issued for the difference. This credit is non-transferable and has no expiration date. You may use it at any time, in any allotment at your discretion, contingent upon the availability of requested items. We cannot refund cash or refund a payment on your credit card under any circumstances if 24 hours have passed since the retainer fee
has been paid.

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning china, glassware and flatware before they are returned to Festive Occasions?
A: Yes. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we strive to keep our rental equipment in the best possible condition to meet your needs. We guarantee that anything that you rent from us will be in working condition and ready for immediate use. Items such as china, glasses, and flatware will be clean, spot free, and table-ready when you receive them. In order to protect our equipment boxes and packing materials, we ask that all china, glassware and flatware be rinsed free of food and dried before you return them to their cartons. These items do not need to be spot free, as they will be sanitized when they are returned to us.

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning table cloths or napkins before they are returned to Festive Occasions?
A. NO. Linens are the one exception to our "clean return" policy. Because our linens are laundered in-house in order to guarantee delicate and excellent care, we ask that you DO NOT LAUNDER LINENS, but instead return them dirty. Please do not put linens in a plastic bag, as they will mildew. Please ask us for more specifics.

Q: What is the cost for delivery and pick up services?
A: Our standard fee for delivery and pick up services within the city limits and during our working hours (Mon. - Fri. 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sat. 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) is $60.00. We offer round trip services only. Before hours and after hours delivery and pick up available for an additional fee. Festive Occasions will deliver almost anywhere! We travel out of town and even out of state. Please call us for a quote.

Q: Do you offer after hours or early morning delivery and pick up?

A: Yes, we do. An additional charge will be added to our standard delivery charge . Please call us with the specifics regarding your event in order to get a quote for the after hours charges.

Q: May I pick up my rentals from your showroom instead of using your delivery service?
A: Absolutely! Just let us know when you would like to arrive at our showroom and we will help you load and unload your vehicle.





Q: What happens if an item I have rented gets damaged, lost or stolen?
A. We require all customers to pay a fee equal to 6% of the cost of your rentals. In return, we agree to waive claims for damage to rental items as would be covered under a standard form (all risks) floater insurance policy. The damage waiver is non-refundable. It does not cover loss of items, nor damage due to negligence or abuse of rental equipment; in those instances, full replacement value will be charged for each item. (We're sorry, but the damage waiver does not apply to tents or tent accessories.) Damage Waiver does not cover mildew or candle wax on linens.

After you have paid your retainer fee and guaranteed your reservation, you have a 24 hour grace period for cancellation. Please remember that the retainer fee is non- refundable after this time and we will not refund cash or credit your credit card under any circumstances. If the event date changes, we will gladly transfer your reservation to another date if all of your requested items are still available on that date. We will establish in store credit for any items not available on the new date.

If your event is canceled, in-store credit will be issued for the amount of your retainer fee. This credit is non-transferable and has no expiration date. You may use it at any time, in any allotment at your discretion, contingent upon the availability of requested items.

Q: Can I make a reservation by e-mail?

A: No. In order to be certain that all the rental items you are interested in are available on your specified date, we must ask that you call us at (806) 793-6031. We can then receive your credit card number in order for you to pay your retainer fee and place a guaranteed order. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have, or to request a quote by email. To request a quote, please be sure to be as specific as possible. Please tell us the date of your event, whether or not you would like delivery and pick up or set up and break down services, as well as the specific item and quantity you are interested in. It is important for you to understand that the receipt of a quote from us does NOT mean that you have placed an order with us, and does NOT guarantee that all items you are inquiring about are available. We can place a guaranteed order for you ONLY after you have telephoned us with your credit card number where we may charge your retainer fee, or visited our showroom in person to pay the retainer with check, cash or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.