White Resin Garden Chairs

Our premium chair is the White Garden Chair. It's crisp, classic look is the hallmark of special occasions and is a perfect choice for the party host who desires an elegant, uniform look without the added expense of chair covers.

  • White Resin Garden Chairs with padded seats: $3.00 each.

Looking for a good looking economy priced chair?

Our Samsonite folding chairs will foot the bill for any occasion. Forget about those old clunkers with metal seats that make you brace your feet on floor to keep from sliding out of them! These folding chairs are comfortable, sturdy and easy to stack so they can be transported with ease.

  • Samsonite Chairs -plastic seat, metal legs
  • Wedding White $1.50 each
  • Economy White $1.00 each
  • Cream $1.00 each
  • Putty (Gray) $ 1.00 each


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